Tips to save money in the driving license

Cómo ahorrar en el carnet de conducir

we tell You how to save money when you get the driving license.

sooner or Later it is something that we must face. Although there continues to be people who for one reason or another choose to choose to pull by way of public transport and not get a driver’s license, the great majority of young people when they reach the age of majority decide to join the driving school closest to you with the goal of have as soon as possible the longed – driving license.

either for freedom that involves the power drive or by a simple fact “have it” because you never know when you’ll need (especially for work-related reasons, when you agree to a job). But, we would all agree that to not be take so innate driving ability, the fact of wanting to get a driver’s license means having to shell out a large amount of money.

And let’s not talk about if, for the twists and turns of life, you must renew your paperwork or you need more practical classes for having suspended the practical examination. However, there are methods that save a lot of money to get a driver’s license, and in this article we are going to list some tips with the ability to get a significant saving.

Cómo ahorrar en el carnet de conducir

The price varies from one driving school to another. Check out the grants and subsidies that may be applicable.

1. The price will vary depending on the autonomous community

There are those who live in places bordering with other autonomous communities, and it is for this reason that the average cost of the licence will vary from one place to another. It is interesting to take a look at the offer of the autonomous communities neighboring as we can find savings of up to more than 1,000 euros (according to data from Facua and UN). However, in some cases we will realize that the difference of savings does not compensate for the displacement from one region to another. In any case, it is a factor to be taken into account.

2. An eye to the grants and subsidies

Although it will depend on many factors, before you enroll in a driving school anyone is interesting to take a look at the and subsidies that may be available to a particular sector of the population. Especially usually if any for the unemployed and young people between 18 and 30 years of age. The amount of aid/grant will depend on several factors.

3. Compare prices, and you can find something better, ¡join!

Usually tend to sign on to the driving school in our neighborhood, which brings all of the life that is open and in which even our parents and relatives pulled out the card. The fact of knowing the teachers by being residents of the neighborhood tends to be a determining factor, although in this case, if what you seek is the highest possible savings, it is important to compare prices on our entire city. We will be able to bring us a surprise, and for the better.

Cómo ahorrar en el carnet de conducir

Some driving schools require a minimum of hands-on classes.

4. Do you need a minimum of practical classes?

it Is often said that to make sure that we are prepared to pass the practical exam it is necessary to give a minimum of 25 classes. However, this will depend (as with many things in life) of each person. There are driving schools that require a minimum number of classes. I personally recommend to go to one in which the teacher is very good and with about 15 classes we are already prepared to go to the exam.

5. Try to take them in series

today still listening to that sentence of “I I’m and home-study”. The truth is that it is an error. If you want to get you out as soon as the driver’s licence and that costs you as little as possible, you must go to the lectures, make test on the computers in the driving school and a review of the book at home. So we will be prepared to do the theoretical exam in a few weeks and we will start as soon as possible with the practical classes.


Infographic: Viaconto