Tires of imitation, a bad investment in proven quality in video

Llantas de imitaciĆ³ntires are probably one of the elements that before we changed in our car. Primarily it is usually a question of image, because only the one who truly consider an improvement dynamics will appreciate the virtues of a tire lighter. And it is then when we are confronted with the problem of the price, which leads us to tires of imitation, so resultonas as dangerous.

video that we teach today might not be the best example of what can happen if we save a few rooms in our new wheels. Testing a Mercedes CLA with the tires multiradio that we often see in the streets, the protagonists compare the same tire. An original and another of imitation.


The first comparison is visual, and that the differences get overlooked. It is true that we warn you of the the absence of some codes, which conclude on whether the rim is original or not, but it typically details to the the which seeks to improve the visual impact of your car you are not paying attention.

The problem comes when it is time to to check the durability of a tire and another. In a test track where it emulates a bump strong that we could find on the road or the city, is where the differences and the quality between one and another come to light. There is where the problem of the high price starts to lose meaning. The test is done at 50 km/h.

The blow dry that receives the tire is exactly the same for the two units, but the result differs. While the rim original, no damage, the rim imitation is part of one of the edges of the ring, which demonstrates a quality of manufacture lower. And what is more, a problem of security. Who tells us that at the basis of several bumps the tire will not go weakening to finish starting.

Thus, it is shown that the image can go out benefited when we decided to opt for some tires of imitation, but that the safety and quality do not go hand in hand. Saving money can bet to a bad pass when we are going through a pothole, of which abound on our roads, and see that our tire apart.