TMG vs Tommi Mäkinen: What about the engine Toyota?


The projects of Toyota Motorsport (TMG) will continue to progress. The Toyota GT86 CS-R3 made its debut in Germany in a tarmac-based rally and was
present in the Rally du Condroz, while the Toyota TS050 Hybrid of the
World of Resistance continues its development by the technical
the training at the headquarters in Cologne. You can not say the same of the Yaris WRC 2017.
The discrepancies between TMG and Tommi Makinen are on the rise and what seemed like a
very promising project to return to the World Rally, little by little
is becoming a sack of problems and delays.

The project of the Yaris WRC 2017 was in the hands of Tommi
by decision of Akio Toyoda, CEO of Toyota, in a move that left
in panties to TMG. While the former Finnish driver has taken all the
development of the Yaris WRC car to the headquarters of his team in Finland, the department
competition Toyota looks like day after day are being rejected and wasting their
resources. In fact, the ex-pilot decided to develop its own version of the
Yaris WRC
already under specifications 2017 to start with the test in the first
quarter of next year.

In this way, the work of development and test of TMG with its
Yaris WRC has been thrown in the trash and while that Tommi Mäkinen has freedom of
action and the budget of Toyota
, TMG sees it as his role is secondary, despite having the changes in order to adapt its model to
the rules of 2017. And even though at times we came to understand the idea of using the
engine 1.6 Turbo TMG in the prototype of Mäkinen and the wind tunnel
of Colony formation, it seems that this option has also been rejected.


The technicians of TMG are being redistributed and some of them will leave Toyota at the end of the year. This
movement according to German media serves a compelling reason. TMG does not
will provide your engine the 1.6 Turbo Tommi Mäkinen
. The team based in Cologne
fed up of the situation do not want to be limited to being a supplier of components or
from engines to the formation of Mäkinen. Therefore, the advantage that could
have TMG for its two-year test is in water of borage, while TMR
(Tommi Mäkinen Racing) begins to look like time is running out.

it can Be said that the Toyota Yaris WRC is without motor. Tommi Mäkinen will have to face the challenge of developing a World Rally Car from scratch. The computer resources are limited despite the support of Toyoda and it seems complicated from Jyväskyla be able to face the rest of developing chassis, the evolved aerodynamics of a World Rally Car and the engine, by many external providers that ‘fichen’. In fact, Mäkinen contacted Pipo Motuers, but the preparer is associated to Hyundai and is not an option today. Time is running out and the Yaris WRC is without a soul.