To auction one of the few Lamborghini Reventon produced

Lamborghini Reventon a subasta

I’m sure none of us would mind being the owner of a model Lamborghini, maintain it and, of course, to be able to enjoy the joyride every Sunday. Any model of Lamborghini it is an object of desire for fans of the world of the engine, but if we had to choose, it’s sure that we would be inclined to use for any exclusive car brand of Sant’agata Bolognese as, for example, the Lamborghini Reventon that we see in the images.

The Italian firm of supercars introduced the Lamborghini Reventon in the Lounge of Frankfurt 2007, and only made 20 units. Only two years later appeared a variant roadster, the Reventon Roadster, which would produce 15 units. Taking as a basis the “Lambo” Murciélago LP640, you raise its power until the 650 HP in the Reventon body closed and 670 HP in the case of the Roadster; we sense that to compensate for the extra weight.

Lamborghini Reventon a subasta

well, the drive that we show is the number 3 of the 20 produced and will go out to auction the day 19 of January in Arizona, in the event organized by RM Sotheby’s, where it will also search the owner of the Ferrari F50 which I presented just a few hours. Despite the fact that the Reventon has had four owners and was produced eight years ago, his marker indicates to us that has traveled 1,600 kilometers; that is to say, it is virtually brand new.

The money that you expect to get for this drive is nothing far-fetched, at least if we take into account the 1.1 million euros (without taxes) that cost at the time of its marketing. According to the company auction, expect a similar value to your marketing originatesl. Probably with the passage of time its price rises considerably, so that purchase it now may be a good opportunity for those who invest in exclusive vehicles of luxury; but I hope those who buy it use it to devour the asphalt.

Lamborghini Reventon a subasta

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