To auction the Cadillac of Eva Perón

A Cadillac Limousine that was used by the first lady Eva Perón as her husband was the president of Argentina, back out to auction in England. The house Bonhams offers it for sale again.

Cadillac-75-Limousine-Eva-Peron-01Andl Cadillac Limousine, 1951, which was used by the president of Argentina Juan Domingo Perón and his wife Eva Peron, back out to auction. The Car, which was previously in the hands of a collector argentino, it was a little less than two years auctioned in Great Britain, and now is offered again for sale.

The car was originally used by Perón while exercising the presidency, for their despalzamientos daily between their residence located in the locality of Olive trees in the Province of Buenos Aires, to the government house located in the centre of the city of Buenos Aires. It is a Cadillac Fleetwood 51 Limousine of the year 1951, which measures six meters long and is equipped with a V8 engine of 5.4 liters displacement, in combination with an automatic change of four gears.

The car has been on display for 10 years at the Museo Eva Perón (Evita Museum) of the City of Buenos Aires. The auction house Bonhams ensures that the vehicle is ready to be registered in any part of Europe, so we believe that not be wanting those who are interested to bring home this piece of argentine history, since that is a little unusual that a car belonging to a former head of state leaves for the auction, and even less if the car was used by Eva Peron.