To be born again: impressive maneuver after a blowout at 300km/h [video]

do You remember the video of the bursting of a wheel at 250 km/h? That blowout ended with part of the bodywork of the Ford Mustang GT that was on a dyno, with great violence. What happens when a wheel of a racing car explodes at 300 km/h in full support? For nothing good, as the video that we are going to teach demonstrates. It is a Porsche 911 RSR in the circuit of Daytona. His right rear wheel bursts in full support, and what follows is a remarkable demonstration of piloting.

The explosion of a tire is not trivial. The loss of control is almost assured.

If a tire explodes and we are lucky, the tyre will remain lodged in the tire. But to much speed, a blowout ensures virtually that pieces of the tire causing severe damage to bodywork and suspension. In the video that you can see below, the blowout causes pieces of the bumper and the bodywork, leave dismissed, narrowly avoiding the car that the RSR had just appeared. And what comes next is a demonstration of riding without equal. Or pure luck, depending how you look.

And I say pure luck because it looks like in the video the rider has his right hand long enough from the steering wheel. Precisely, in the above inclined plane of the circuit, which produces the bursting seconds later. Has been lucky, but has managed to control the car, avoiding an accident and avoiding colliding with other cars. It has definitely been born again and has learned the lesson of always keeping two hands on the steering wheel.

Source: Axis of Oversteer
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