To do drift with a Nissan LEAF? Yes, and it is very fun

¿What you can and can’t do an electric? All and we all know the advantages of the electric car, but sure that the majority never mention the word drift. Well, they may do so, and we we have had the chance to figure it out with a Nissan LEAF “slightly modified”. An exercise the less curious that we have managed to have a good time.

we Say “slightly modified” because Nissan has taken the trick of the plastic trays to a new dimension. The main change in the Nissan LEAF that we have, is that the wheels of rubber in the rear were replaced by a plastic. If, as the ruedines of a tricycle. If we add to this the disconnection of the ESP. The fun was assured.

To make things a little more difficult, the test was going to take on a special track, with a sliding surface and fully flooded water. But before that the last winner of the Nissan GT Academy, Romain Sarazin, we are going to show how much fun it is on a small circuit, and in the hands of a pilot. A good example that we would try to copy later. Even if it was just that, an attempt.


despite the lack of typical noise, the experiment is really fun

we leave You with the video to prove as a LEAF also can go sideways, but to do this you need a few ruedines special. By the way, for sure many of you will be fascinated with such a wonderful invention, but you know, that in no case is it legal to drive with them. Although if you are wondering, the brand is EasyDrift. More clear…