To have electric car in Madrid, what a bargain?


The sales of electric cars continue to grow in Spain, especially in relative terms, as they still represent a volume minority in front of the engines conventional. Without a doubt, premium are a reason to check back to those that need a car for everything, the autonomy is increasingly less a problem.

Several developments have appeared recently have 30 kWh or more of battery capacity: Opel Ampera-e (coming soon), Renault ZOE z.e. 40, BMW i3 94Ah, Nissan Leaf, Volkswagen e-Golf, etc, In plain language, the autonomies real of 200 kilometers or more are already very close, so that you can travel at highway speeds with no worries, with air-conditioning, and with some extra to perform errands.

These vehicles are registering mostly for businesses and individuals with a purchasing power level medium/high. We will find few cases in which a particular justito income is to buy an electric car. Despite that move, and keep it is more cheap, the initial investment is far from the reach of the average spaniard today. There are models accessible, yes, but you have to pay a monthly fee for the batteries (since it is still a manufacturer).


This infographic was valid to the middle of last year. It has already become obsolete, several models have increased their autonomy approved (and real)

But as you are putting things in the Community of Madrid and the capital, have an electric can solve important ballots in mobility, because right now they have a privileged status. In the Bus lane VAO of the A-6 can be circular but not there are two or more occupants, as they are zero-emission vehicles local.

When limiting the circulation by episodes of high pollution in the capital, the electric have no problem, given the same enrollment to be odd or even. This benefit also have the hybrid and converted to gas, in addition to exceptions as vehicles of public service, moving service (already arranged), etc, For a lot of people of current account loose this is an important advantage.

on the other hand, the electrical have the parking in surface free in the blue area or green, although the interested party has to do some paperwork for your vehicle to be recognized as such by the city Council of Madrid. It is not enough with the hallmark of the “0 emissions” to which they are entitled. Depending on where you register, will pay a TAX much reduced or can become exempt.


With the progressive implementation of a public network of fast recharging, the travel will be a reality, that yes, doing something that another break in the road

recharging points, public are now in a deplorable state of maintenance and availability, in part for the crisis, in part because of bureaucratic problems between the Administration and the managers in charge, and by the vandalism. It is very attractive for some much copper concentrate. Today I would not say that this is an advantage.

however, with time this will improve, and is able to park and recharge at the same time in certain spaces reserved, for a certain time so that you can have rotation for most users. The recharge can be free of charge during a season, but you have to get used to the idea that will not be the case always, and to recharge at home is always cheaper in any case.

chargers home are slow, with 16-amp single-phase current speak to 3.68 kilowatts each hour, and there is that to consider inevitable losses in the process. A full night’s not enough to charge the batteries of a late-model car if he was in “the reserve”, but it certainly gets the autonomy to work the next day. Which can be loaded to destination, not many, are in some way privileged. You can put as an example to employees of Endesa with charging points and places of their own.

to Have an electric car for everything is possible, if we are talking about people who have a life very predictable and routine, as is the case of officials. needs “extra” mobility can be supplemented with other means, as conventional cars rental. Each case should be to study it separately. Remember that under 5,000 miles per year it makes no sense to have a car in the property of economic effects.

There are that say that the progressive arrival of more and more electric models is pushing the prices down. For the inventory of lithium does not need to worry, there is enough for all vehicles to exit in a good season, and they are investigating batteries with other materials, with more autonomy, less weight, less volume and even lower price. Things are getting increasingly ugly for gasoline and diesel, especially the latter.

what And for whom you do not have garage? it Is possible to install a charging point in a parking collective, assuming all the cost and informing the community. This will soon see ads of parking of rent with the added benefit of having a plug for electrical. The same can be said for the purchase. In the private car parks begin to see charging points, both with the cost breakdown, as pricing apart.

The pedestrians will have to pay more attention to the traffic, since the presence of an electric car, it does not imply noise, although you do notice some of the models with a faint sound

Recently we saw that also there will be traffic lanes preferred in the A-2 and A-5, will probably have to be benefits for owners of zero-emission vehicles, so that the inhabitants of those runners will have more reason to switch to the electric. Speaking of the reasons, Nissan is making an offer very aggressive with the Leaf, to test the car for three months with the possibility of return, availability of 14 days per year for a conventional model for a vacation, and 1,000 euros of subsidy for the home charger.

Is a good example, because Nissan and other manufacturers know that against the electric car there are many recitencias can disappear if the customer test the car and checks that molds to your lifestyle. Total, all the others we have grown accustomed to the inconvenience of refueling always out of the house, to which we pay almost 50% taxes per liter, that we are loading the atmosphere, the cities are flooding air carcinogenic, etc

The modern cities would not be able to live without the electric car. Going to reduce the pollution, noise and even the problems inherent in the electrical system. The power “on” of electric cars may be injected to the grid in times of high demand, and to accumulate the surplus of renewable energies, when energy is cheaper. The story reminds us that there was a time in which the combustion vehicles they were in a minority, and the electrical were the most numerous. That can happen again.