To Quattroruote the Alfa Romeo Giulia is the “Novelty of the Year 2017”

Prueba Alfa Romeo Giulia

When Alfa Romeo presented the first official pictures of its new saloon media, Giulia, more than one we were drooling. The designers of the Italian firm have returned to create a car that will be remembered for many years by admirers of the house and for those who do not know much of it. in Addition to being a pretty face, the Alfa Romeo Giulia has recovered the principal values that turned the house into a regarding sporting and that will help to compete against BMW in top condition.

So good has been the result, that the readers of Quattroruote, with a third of the votes, have decided to to reward the Italian car as a “Novelty of the Year 2017”. In the words of Quattroruote the Alfa Romeo Giulia is a car that has a “distinctive design, high-performance motors, weight distribution perfect, solutions, unique techniques and a ratio of weight-to-power outstanding”.

Alfa Romeo Giulia

This award was delivered in the Italian city of Milan in the “Quattroruote Day”. The person in charge of collecting the award was Alfredo Altavilla, chief operating officer of EMEA (Europe, middle East and Africa) for Fiat Chrysler Automobile (FCA). With this prize reaffirms the good work that you have done in the group italo americano for the re-launching Alfa Romeo as a brand and the Giulia as the spearhead of this revival.

awards Quattroruote shipped since the year 2000 and to decide which models are the award-winning only takes into account the votes of the readers. In this case, the other two models that have closed the podium of the cars preferred by the readers of Quattroruote also have been to FCA. In the second position has left the convertible Fiat 124 Spider and in third place first SUV Maserati, Lift. These three models of the FCA have managed to stay ahead of 12 vehicles belonging to several brands and market segments.

Source – Quattroruote