To Symonds, 2017 is a much greater challenge that 2009


For Pat Symonds, one of the engineers, veterans of the grill that he began his career in Formula 1 with Toleman in the 80s, and current Technical Director of Williams, the category is facing one of the biggest challenges of its history. , not only because of the change in regulation is very radical -at the level of both aerodynamic and mechanical – but because of the current restrictions further complicate the transition.

For Symonds, the primary key is in the limitation of the wind tunnel scale models of the 60% and 65 hours per week, as well as the equivalent in Dynamic Computational concerns. “The teams must design a car completely different for the next year in a context quite restrictive. The last two times that the technical regulation has changed from top to bottom, was in 2009 -with no restrictions – and in 2014, where it raised some limits, but with less severity than today (around 80 hours per week of wind tunnel in place of the 65 present)”, said Symonds in an interview granted to

In 2009, the deep regulatory change also altered markedly the grill, giving as a result a team dominator: BrawnGP with Red Bull to hunting while deployed, the great discovery of this year, the double diffuser. But in those days there was no restriction whatsoever and in the change that occurred two years ago, it was less. “In 2014, the change was already known, so we have been able to start to work early. This time we had sketches advanced in march and a version almost final in may for a car that should be on the track in January. The deadline is quite close, but everyone is in the same boat. The days that you could recruit one hundred engineers of the aerodynamic or use a second wind tunnel have been finished”, recognized Symonds.