To the rescue of the diesel: Germany rescheduled to 5.3 million cars


The German Government and representatives of the leading German manufacturers announced this Wednesday an agreement that aims to to reduce the emissions of nitrogen dioxide (Nox) from diesel engines by 25% and 30% to the end of 2018.

Daimler, BMW, Volkswagen and Opel will assume the costs of update the software of 5.3 million vehicles with diesel engines of the classes Euro 5 and Euro 6 that are already in circulation to reduce emissions. This figure includes the 2.5 million cars from the Volkswagen Group affected by the diƩselgate for those who already had ordered his reprogramming.

According to the Association of the German Automobile Industry (VDA), the new software shall not affect the power of the engine or shorten its useful life and will not be costs to the owners. In addition to this call to massive revision, manufacturers will also give incentives for the purchase of electric, hybrid or diesel Euro 6 to the owners of cars diesel old.

These measures seek to anticipate and avoid a possible veto to the movement of cars with diesel motor in the center of the German cities. The Friday of the last week, a judge in the Administrative Court gave the reason to a lawsuit filed by the organization Deutsche Umwelthilfe (Help for the Environment German a judgment that prohibited the circulation of cars diesel in Stuttgart from 1 January 2018.

have Already been filed similar lawsuits in 16 large German cities and whether prosperasen would restriction of the circulation of about 15 million vehicles with diesel engines. The VDA says that reprogramming proposals should produce an impact similar to the proposed prohibition of these vehicles in various cities.

This type of political anti-pollution would be the coup de grace to the diesel vehicle, whose sales are in free fall from 2015, when it jumped the scandal of the Volkswagen Group admitting to have used illegal software to manipulate the data of pollutant emissions.