To the sale of the GTA Spano in the movie Need For Speed


The GTA Spano in the movie Need For Speed is sold for 1,5 million euros

This is a great opportunity if you want to be the owner of a car movie. The exclusive drive of the GTA Spano used for the filming of the movie ‘Need For Speed’, which starred the final race of the film, is available for sale in the south of Spain at a price of 1.5 million euros.

The GTA Spano is the protagonist of the movie Need For Speed it costs 1.5 million

Super Garage Marbella, is the authorized distributor of Spania GTA, goes on sale this sole unit that was selected by the production company Dreamworks, not only for the shooting of the film but also for the promotion of the same, meandering even by the Red Carpet of the Walk of Fame of Hollywood.

The Spanish sports is driven by the actor Aaron Paul (Breaking Bad) in the film based on the successful video game franchise of racing. In addition is the protagonist of the most exciting race of the tape that is facing other major sports of the world: Koenigsegg Agera, Bugatti Veyron, Lamborghini Sesto Element, McLaren P1 and Saleen S7.


The Spanish sports stars in the tape next to Aaron Paul (Breaking Bad)

The GTA Spano is a sports purely Spanish mounting a propeller V10 Twin-Turbo, 8.0-liter that developed 925 HP and 1220 Nm of maximum torque. It has an acceleration capacity that allows it to reach 100 km/h from standstill in just 2,9 seconds and continue accelerating to overcome the 370 km/h.

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