To the sale the first two Pontiac Firebird history, restored by Gas Monkey Garage


The coupe is the frame 100002, the second Firebird manufactured.

they’re available the first two Pontiac Firebird history, the look of the numbers of frame 100001 and 100002, and therefore, the first to come out of the factory in Lordstown, Ohio. These individuals are well known by the great public, because not only is it not the first time that are for sale, but a few years ago were protagonists of one of the special episodes of Fast N’ Loud, since they were discovered and restored by the workshop texan Gas Monkey Garage.

At the same time that Chevrolet desvelaba the Camaro, Pontiac launched in 1967, the Firebird, a model also based on the platform F-Body Camaro. These were the answer to the Mustang General Motors, even though the Camaro is the one that historically has brought in exclusive these honors.

again, this pair of vehicles will be for sale in an event of Barrett-Jackson, which will take place in Scottsdale, the next month of January. Last October, both vehicles were sold in pairs by to 330,000 dollars, and now again are offered in partner.


The convertible is the first Firebird production of the story.

In both cases, the auction house has not reported any estimate of price, and any information in that regard has to be done by application to Barrett-Jackson, although both come out without reservation, so will be waiting for an interesting fight bid for them.

The number 100001 features a convertible body and automatic transmission, while the 100002 it is a coupe and has a manual transmission. Some of the peculiarities of these specimens is that the coupe was the first issue that came out of factory specifications High Output and the convertible account system with Cruise Control.

These were part of a batch of 5 units and employed by the factory
to promote the model, the year of its release. The group which was
called the 5 “superb” that are thought to only survive these 2
copies, you still look the tags “Show 1” and “Show 4”, employed
by the brand to distinguish them internally.