Today exactly 25 years ago, the Volkswagen Group took control of Skoda, what has changed since then?

25 years Ago, the situation of Skoda was similar to the of SEAT, the 5 years before. Both brands had come out of a long period of state ownership, and in the case of Skoda, a traumatic entry into the motorsport capitalist. The Volkswagen Group knew how to see the potential of these two brands, although in this article we will focus on the case of Skoda. on The 28th of march 1991, it signed the contract that adhere the Czech brand to the orbit of the Volkswagen Group, consumándose just three weeks after. Much has changed in Skoda since then.

Skoda sold more than a million cars a year. It has doubled its annual sales since the year 2005, and has multiplied by seven since 1991.

Skoda was state-owned in 1991. The agreement with the Volkswagen Group began as a joint venture, acquiring the German consortium 30% of the shares of Skoda in a first time, and being of private ownership majority to the mid-90s. Much has changed in Skoda since then, and the picture that presides over this article proves: the Skoda Favorit was more advanced than the mark made in 1991, and the Superb is the most advanced of the brand today. This is what 25 years of evolution.

skoda_octavia_RS_4X4_nieve_DM_15all in all, the Favorit was a very advanced car for the brand by that time. It was a car front-wheel-drive and front-engine transverse, in a period in which the czechs still were producing outdated sedans rear-engine. The Skoda Favorit was to become the Skoda Felicia, and would be on sale a decade, already equipped with engines of origin Volkswagen during the last years. Meanwhile, the injection of capital of Volkswagen and the modernization of the brand continued in leaps and bounds.

SEAT has not managed to become a brand as competitive as Skoda in the last decade.

The Skoda Octavia was the first car designed under the full auspices of the Volkswagen Group, followed by the Skoda Fabia. There began the success story of Skoda, who went from being a manufacturer intended to fail in one of the key brands of the Volkswagen Group, whose production of vehicles exceeded the million units annual. Interestingly, Renault was on the verge of taking control of Skoda, but a plan more short-term discouraged to the Czech authorities, who chose the vision of the germans.

skoda-tudor-concept-2002-04Today, Skoda is a fundamental part of the economy of the Czech Republic, and one of his reasons for pride. Represents nothing more and nothing less than the 4.5% of the GDP of the central european country, and 8% of its total exports are vehicles for the Skoda.

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