Today we meet five years


The May 3, 2010 turning the engine Autosblog first. Throughout these five years we had some cosmetic changes mild, but many changes under the hood .


Autosblog-1 H oy exactly five years ago which began its journey in Autosblog Internet . On 3 May 2010 we began to write about this passion is the motor world.

Since then we have been growing gradually and with running of the months went adding more followers . Not imagine what that Monday we began five years ago was going to go that far, but we are clear that it has only been possible thanks to you, our readers .

passed five years since we started this adventure.

Throughout these years we had some restylings that were gradually improving our image.

started as a site that is housed inside the platform Blogger but soon moved our technology to a new system, with its own domain we provided greater flexibility to make updates and improvements .

This technological change resulted that could incorporate photo galleries, which allowed us to offer a great Additional information than the previous platform was not as easy to manage.

In recent years the number of users accessing our website mobile devices multiplied exponentially and with some of the updates that were happening behind the scenes, we modified our internal engine for It is capable of delivering content responsive mode so that it can adapt to the device from which you access.


Thus looked the site in 2011

try to offer updated 7 days a week information, but know that we could give you even more . We will continue improving and growing gradually and so our team is already working, not in a new restyling but a new generation that throughout the coming months you can know.

After these five years we can no more than thank all of you , that from the other side accompany us every day with his reading which becomes the fuel feeds us.

Is there something you’d like to change? Any suggestions? This is the time to propose, via the comments section of this note.





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