Todt: “pope Francis prays for Schumacher”


Photo: Ferrari

The family of Schumacher still provide information on the status of the former pilot. Their manager, Sabine Kehm, denied rumors that he could ride and asked once more to respect for the privacy of the heptcampeĆ³n and their environment. This is the last that is known of a character that no one forgets, for a little knowledge of your situation. This is demonstrated by the last December 30, two years after his accident in the French Alps, the former president of Ferrari, Luca di Montezemolo, and the son of the founder of the Scuderia Piero Ferrari. The team of Maranello is not the only one for which he competed in the ‘Kaiser’, but where he has more tread, and where he achieved most of his records, victories and titles.

Well with Montezemolo, Schumacher, coincided, in its stage of red, with Ross Brawn and Jean Todt. All are still remembering him. The now president of the FIA, Todt, has always spoken with fondness of the German, who has visited on occasion. The French exercises of the special envoy of the UN to road safety, and was received by the pope Francis, as told later in Vatican Radio: “it Was a day of dense, full. Mainly, in reality I went to talk about road safety and I was able to see the positive tone of our conversation”. Hence, Todt took the opportunity to ask the supreme pontiff for a favor to the pilot-most laureate in the history of Formula 1: “Lengthened a little the conversation to the topics that I was interested in talking, and obviously Michael Schumacher is in my heart, as you all know, is like my family. I asked if I could make a prayer for Michael and voluntarily accepted”.

Todt continued narrating the encounter, and the aspects that treated, as contained in the Gazzetta dello Sport: “The message was to let you see the documentary ‘Save Kid’s Lives’, produced by Louis Besson, and I was very impressed. We inform you of the fact that die every day 500 children due to traffic accidents, 20,000 are injured every day, die every year a million and 300,000 people and 50 million are injured. The figures are not very well known. He immediately agreed to sign the important symbol that we see all over the world and then accompanied us with their oraciones”.