Tokyo 2015: Daihatsu D-Base Concept, a new prototype in the format of “kei car”


Daihatsu D-Base Concept, live from the living Room of Tokyo 2015

Daihatsu has not, at present, a large presence in the european market, but in Japan, remains one of the kings in the segment ‘kei car‘. As you probably already know, the ‘kei car’ are cars of small size, they are limited in their dimensions, capacity and power to benefit from advantages in tax and parking in the country of the rising sun.

The Lounge of Tokyo in 2015 has been the venue for the premiere of this Daihatsu D-Base Concept, a curious -in our western eyes – prototype that is framed within this tag ‘kei car’. Its design will inspire and give shape to a new model of production, probably the new generation of the Daihatsu Mira.

With 3,40 meters in length, next to 1.48 metres wide and 1,49 meters high (yes, it’s more high than wide, looking to offer an interior space less claustrophobic and more profitable), the Daihatsu D-Base adopts a small three-cylinder engine with 660 cubic centimeters of displacement, in conjunction with an automatic change of the type CVT.


With the help of a system of energy recovery during braking and a very light weight, the Daihatsu D-Base homology a consumption of 3 liters/100 km. Although his approach is eminently basic and functional, their design, do not do without a certain refinement and attractive, with large alloy wheels and optical front LED.

In its interior, simplicity, maximum finished or in its digital instrumentation, with a colourful trim on its doors and dashboard, two-tone, blue and white. As a good curiosity focused especially for the japanese market, the future production model based on this Daihatsu D-Base will not come out beyond its borders.