Tom Chilton believes that the 'Class One' will make the WTCC and very expensive


Just has slipped as a possibility, but the future arrival of the technical regulations ‘Class One’ the WTCC already has its early detractors. Although the World Touring car could stay connected with the DTM and the Super GT japanese with a regulation that would facilitate the leap from manufacturers between the three categories, what is certain is that this new technical basis would be a tough hurdle for private pilots. In this aspect, Tom Chilton sees the ‘Class One’ as a way to be very expensive and impractical for the majority of riders that do not have the direct support or part of a manufacturer.

Well at least it has made in statements to ‘’, in which Tom Chilton has stated: I’m worried by the possible new regulations, the ‘Class One’. This legislation is going to make everything even more expensive. More aerodynamic, more work in the wind tunnel and more carbon fiber luxury. Each time will be more parts to fit and at the time of repair the car after a small touch with another car, it will take a lot more money. I Think that if he becomes the ‘Class One’, I will be outside. We need cars without carbon fiber is too expensive”.

At the global level, Chilton believes that the arrival of this new technical regulations would end up with the essence of the WTCC: “The competition will end, you will lose all the independent pilots, and there will only be ten cars. You can’t put an old Citro├źn or a Chevrolet private against a car of the ‘Class One’. It would not make sense, at the end of the TC1 would be a second-class that in addition to keeping cars on the grid would have only his own career on the back of the group. I at least don’t want a second category, I want to be in the best. Con the ‘Class One’ is in need of more manufacturers or will not work“.