Tom Coronel repeated in the WTCC with with ROAL Motorsport


Twelve seasons in the World and an ease that is innate to find support and sponsors could only end one way. Tom Coronel will be on the grid of the WTCC in 2017 following the renewal of its agreement with ROAL Motorsport. In this way, the pilot Dutch will again be one of the private pilots of the championship and will do so with a structure with which it has shared its last six years in the competition. As it has done since it entered the era TC1 in the contest, Tom Coronel he is driving a Chevrolet RML Cruze TC1, car scored two wins in 2016.

The own Tom Coronel has admitted that the aim for the new season is precisely improve the result together in the last season, every time that the Dutch consider it one of their best years in the World: “I Hope to get even better positions than those I wrote down in 2016. The sticker ‘Eat my dust’ still on my rear bumper, in the same place. I hope that many opponents can see this message throughout 2017.At the technical level there will be too many changes in the car, but Citro├źn is not already on the grill as a team official. Without a doubt, we face a championship different“.

Roberto Ravaglia, responsible for ROAL Motorsport, will also feel happy to start his seventh consecutive season with Tom Coronel: “I have Not had a relationship so long with a pilot never. Tom is now almost a part of the inventory of ROAL Motorsport. In the end it is a question of mutual trust. Last year we managed to win two races, so for this year our goal should be to win three. In the end, each year we think that we cannot do better, but we managed to do it once again. Hence, we have this ambitious goal”.