Tommi Mäkinen gives shelve the Toyota Yaris WRC TMG


¿it Is understandable to throw hundreds of hours of work and thousands of euros to the trash? For Tommi Mäkinen yes. The former Finnish driver remains committed to develop your own Toyota Yaris WRC, and to do so with TMG as far as possible. Some day all parties will explain how you can get to waste the immense resources of an operations center as that of TMG, but the only reality today is that Tommi Mäkinen has all the support of Akio Toyoda, CEO of Toyota and the budget of the japanese giant. And that is enough for her.

In a recent interview AUTOhebdo, Tommi Mäkinen explained the strategy to follow in the next few months, trying to clear up any doubts. In a nutshell, Tommi Mäkinen waiver to use the resources of the facilities in Cologne, including the spectacular wind tunnel that Toyota have there. As you’d expect and taking into account that you want to develop your particular version of the Toyota Yaris WRC, the model developed by TMG will not serve for nothing and it is highly likely that the sports section of Toyota company will halt the test immediately after having done thousands of miles with the same in the last two years.

With the presence in the team of Michel Zotos (ex-Subaru),
Tom Fowler (ex M-Sport) and about 40 technical, there will be only one point of
union between TMG and Tommi Mäkinen
. And will be required to. As explained by the own
magazine AUTOhebdo, the Finnish would have requested a new engine to TMG adapted
to the technical regulations from 2017, that is to say, with the flange of admission of 36 mm in
instead of the 33 mm that mounted the motor current. As has been leaked, Tommi
Mäkinen would have taken this decision after not able to reach an agreement with
the preparer Pipo Moteurs