Tommi Mäkinen wants to debut with three Toyota Yaris WRC


The first drive of the Toyota Yaris WRC Tommi Mäkinen Racing is about to enter production. After various arguments between all the parties, the project team Toyota Gazoo Racing has a starting point. Well it is true that by the way has lost a year of experience, but eventually all the parties will put his granite of sand. Toyota Motorsport (TMG) developed by the motor, while the vehicle will be developed at the headquarters of Tommi Mäkinen Racing (TMR) in Puuppola. Finland will be the center of operations until at least 2017, when the logistics can indicate otherwise.

With these ingredients, Tommi Mäkinen plan to have three Yaris WRC in its debut in the World cup in 2017, although it will not be an easy undertaking due to the jolts and delays suffered by the project. In fact, the first Toyota Yaris WRC will be ready to begin the test in the spring of 2016, so that the training will take approximately nine months of work on the new World Rally Car. For the moment, TMR has raised the number of workers until 40, and has incorporated a good number of proper names to strengthen the project.

The new signings of TMR have the goal of building a compact and competitive. Jarmo Lehtinen will be the Sporting Director Toyota Gazoo Racing, while Lauri Riipinen will be in charge of operations and logistics of the team. Simon Carrier will be the Chief Designer. These signings are in addition to the names already confirmed weeks ago by Tom Fowler (Head of Engineering) and Michael Zotos (Technical Director). Akio Toyoda, Koei Saga and Toshio Sato will control the good work of the team of the four times champion of the WRC on behalf of Toyota and TMG.