Tomorrow we will see the long-awaited new generation of the Seat Ibiza

SEAT Ibiza generaciones

The Seat Ibiza is an icon, both for the brand with headquarters in Martorell to the Spanish society. And is that, do memory, who has not been mounted ever in a Seat Ibiza? Released to the market in 1984, since its beginnings up to our days there have been over 5.4 million units, with four generations in these 33 years of history.

The signature Spanish auto leads many months preparing the fifth generation of its model, although it has not been possible to capture any image that let us glimpse of his design. Fortunately, the wait comes to an end; and that is that tomorrow January 31, finally will be unveiled officially its new generation. Seat check the view behind you in this video that we leave then to make us see all that they have given themselves the previous versions the mythical Ibiza with the title “Seat Ibiza – the car of legend”.

it Is easy to perceive that the Seat Ibiza will come loaded with technology. The current generation, the fourth, has been with us several years, so we can expect a remarkable leap from the car that morning we will visit and the current. Premiere of new engines, will have a comprehensive active safety system to the order of the day, you will receive a lot of improvements in terms of connectivity and entertainment, and the exterior and interior design should be markedly different.

Despite the fact that tomorrow will be unveiled, his first appearance in public will be held in the month of march, during the Geneva motor show. The fifth-generation of Seat Ibiza will not have anything easy. This model of the segment B will receive soon a hard rival within the same household, the B-SUV Seat Arona, that are sure to steal a good number of sales. In any case, if the current generation has maintained high levels of sales after several years on the market, sure that the new Ibiza is also very requested.

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