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a few years ago, a GPS Portable or GPS integrated in the car was the only option navigation in a car. The GPS laptops were always the most affordable option, but in the century XXI has left them a tough competition from smartphones. All offers complimentary smartphone browsers, constantly updated and excellent performance. What can a company like TomTom against smartphone? The GO 6100 is their top of the line portable navigator, and we will test it thoroughly.

The TomTom GO 6100 is currently top of the browser in TomTom range, with a price on their website of 349.95 euros.

Following out of the box, I watch carefully. It is a simple and elegant device. It weighs approximately 300 grams and has a 6-inch big screen quite thin frames . It is built in a plastic matte finish with elegant metal grid back to the speaker. The package includes little more than the browser itself: a charger for the car – with power supply of 12V – and support for the moon are all its contents, along with a quick installation guide


tom-tom-go-6100-prueba-11-mdm Cargo browser at home – because it uses making micro-USB stream, like any phone – and I am about to do a test of the device. Support installation in the car is simple with a twist of his roulette the cup is well anchored securely attached to the glass and the browser. In a dry car suspension, at no time he made as if to detach, which is a great testament to his endurance. After a brief setup, which includes creating an account with TomTom, I access the main menu.

offers map updates, traffic service and free basis over the life of the radar device.

Its screen is 6 inches and a strong backlight, even with the summer sun provides good visibility in all situations. Still, it is quite prone to reflections and our fingers leave their inevitable brand, which is laborious cleaning. Your screen is not HD despite its size 6 inches: it has a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels and a widescreen 16: 9 . It has not seemed a resolution concerning its use, but any smartphone today has a much higher resolution.


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The GO 6100 includes SIM with free data and international roaming. It is included in the purchase price, and does not require payment of fees of any kind. It is an advantage that map updates and speed camera database – besides the live traffic service – be free . This connection allows data synchronization with LiveTraffic live traffic services and MyDrive TomTom service. These two services are two of the main advantages of this device, its main assets.

Voice control requires manual activation every time you want to use. No Bluetooth connection for mobile phone.

The Traffic Live service allows the device to suggest new routes in case of traffic jams or recommending several options when we go to a particular destination. The MyDrive Connect service can send from home, that you receive when you have synchronized with the cloud of TomTom in a tab called “My Places” instructs the browser. By providing permanent Internet connection, finding an address is much easier than on traditional browsers: country, city, street, number, etc.

tom-tom-go-6100-prueba-3-mdm The GO 6100 employs a similar search on Google Maps, without going any further: we write the address and looking contextually Internet address or desired point of interest . For example, if I search for “Carrefour” I will seek the nearest shopping centers with this hypermarket. If what I want is to find a “Calle Madrid”, I suggest before the closest to my location. Do not let that sounds complicated, it’s actually very intuitive and one of the most pleasant surprises of its use.

Your battery has two hours of autonomy. In our test we have achieved about 80 minutes with fully charged device.

Compared to old systems of TomTom, the GO 6100 has a more user with a unique minimalist menu where you can access all the functionality of the browser. TomTom has tried to liken the use of this GPS to a tablet, with gestures that we already know such as dragging the screen or “pinch” to zoom in or zoom in. There are not many surprises in the other browser functions, which are those expected on a high-end device always connected to the Internet.

tom-tom-go-6100-prueba-5-mdm In addition to selecting points of interest along the way – such as parking or gas stations – is also possible alternative routes using the GPS suggests . If a particular route is full of traffic we suggest a less clogged route. Similarly, we can ask alternatives to a path manually if you do not convince us, and always be measured in a surprisingly precise time what it will take to arrive. It is definitely a very comfortable and easy to use device.

Is it worth it?

With respect to GPS portable, it is second to none in the market. His live traffic service, the ability to send locations to GPS from a computer and clear indications route – with scheme which lane we position ourselves – put it up to a smartphone as capacities and functionality. The Internet search and mapping work in any country in the world , a great advantage if we are to travel widely abroad and need the guidance of a browser.

tom-tom-go-6100-prueba-6-mdm Its main competition are the smartphones – whose features are very similar – belonging to the ubiquitous Apple and Android ecosystems, which also have alternatives offline browsers or apps very well resolved navigation. Despite a high price, it is a device that as GPS traditional is the best that is available. But will enough to fight a generation of smartphones which becomes more capable and aggressive rapidly?

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