TomTom Radars of Traffic, that will not get caught off guard with this application


TomTom needs no introduction. GPS navigation have been present in a good number of dashboards and users have always praised the efficiency and accuracy of their maps.

despite the fact that the smartphones are making the competition to the browser, thanks to apps that mimic the same functions, the manufacturers try to be renewed before that nothing.

TomTom has released in the market Android applications, Google Play, an application to warn drivers of radars next. The focus is not only on fixed speed cameras but it also warns of sections where they are common mobile radars.


┬┐Impersonated the mobile to traditional web browsers?

in Addition to the data collected by the company itself also has a service in which users can report information on radar, thus increasing the accuracy of the information that can offer this app.

at the moment the application contains information about more than 40 countries of the world. The most european. Spain, Germany, Argentina, Australia, Austria, France, United Kingdom, Portugal or Italy to name a few.