TomTom Saw: the GPS navigator that your Vespa needed

The ultimate weapon to conquer the city with your scooter comes from the hand of TomTom. The firm has launched a browser totally designed for scooters, with a design well-differentiated, attractive, youthful, eye-catching and well-integrated is your name? TomTom Saw.

This browser is articulating around a touch screen display with a circular design acting as a “mirror” of a application that we will have to run on our smartphone.

If we receive a call and taking advantage of that is connected to our smartphone, we can see on your screen the identity of the one who calls us, allowing us to answer through the bluetooth device integrated in our hull.

in Addition to not missing the alerts for radar, even changing the interface color to warn us of our overspeed.

TomTom already announced that this device, the TomTom Saw, is available in the distributors of the brand. Is available with a black finish and six silicone covers of different colors to customize it to our liking depending on the color of our bike.