Too slow, no more BMW M4 GTS for sale

BMW M4 GTSIf you were looking for the chance to get a BMW M4 GTS forget about it. Unless you begin to track the market of occasion. This future classic has hung up the poster sold out only a couple of months after its filing. The 700 units planned for production already have an owner.

a Curious sense of expectation that has generated this extreme model, which does not promise a very affordable price, specifically more than 140,000 euros. But its reason for being is no other than that of display technology and go deep in the days of circuit-based more power, less weight and better aerodynamics.

BMW M4 GTSThe BMW M4 GTS is a unique species that leads first to the production of a system of injection of water in the engine, a system that allows you to increase the performance of the block of 6-cylinder and double supercharging. Sheds now nothing less than 500 horsepower and 600 Nm of torque, a considerable improvement over the standard model.

, wears a aerodynamic package with many elements in carbon fiber, where to highlight the new front splitter or spoiler fixed rear. There are also new wheels and orange details express the uniqueness of the model. On the inside premium the simplicity and the weight savings. There are No rear seats and the front is replaced by two real backets.

If we opt for the package Clubsport we took also a roll cage in orange, a harness of 6 anchor points, and a fire extinguisher. This demonstrates the desire of a circuit that has this limited edition of only 700 units. The BMW M4 GTS is already exhausted without having seen yet the first units rolling down the streets.

Source – Autovisie

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