Top Brands in the World of Cars

Cars have always been a passion for many. A good car is sign of prestige. A stylist car defines the style quotient of the owner. Usually men have most of the craze for cars. Owning the most awesome car among all the mates is every man’s dream. It is everybody’s desire to drive a royal and luxury car which is equally sporty and powerful. Anyone would love to show off his awesome car. But such cars are tough to find in the market. Companies these days are more targeted towards manufacturing cars which completes the basic need of the public in affordable prices. It is actually a good trait for brands in terms of market but it is never enough for a man’s desire. Here is a list of most reliable car brands most reliable car brands.


Porsche is a very famous car manufacturing brand. They are usually known worldwide for their high powered sports cars. Along with the high specifications and high powered engines the company also puts focus on luxury and reliability. The cutting edge led lights and chrome plates are the sign of Porsche. These two features make the car a very glamorous look. But as stated along with the powers and the style quotient the company also maintains reliability in the vehicles. The DSG gear boxes in the cars are the new technology in the world of automobiles. The automatic transmission engines and the power steering wheels are just a few of the feature which makes Porsche one of the most reliable car brands.


Jaguar cars are usually famous for their luxurious and spacious interiors. The silent engines along with the super interiors give the driver and the passengers a feel as if they are travelling in an airplane. There has been a feature in the cars of the sun roof which is getting famous day by day. Jaguar gives their customers the sun roof feature along with the luxurious car. The cars by the company are not only defined by the luxury and the style only. The cars are filled with features that attract more and more buyers. In most of the cars most of controls are in the hands of the passengers in the front. But jaguar owners get the controls even from the back seat. Automatic gear box, push button start and keyless go are some of the features that make the Jaguar cars very reliable.


Maserati differentiates clearly the terms luxury and style. The men are usually mad on the styles of Maserati. The models are action oriented and anyone can get a taste of the powerful engine by just the look. The company uses the chrome grill very efficiently in the cars while manufacturing. These chrome grills give a very glamorous look to the cars from which the passersby cannot put their eyes off. The interiors of the cars are all leathers and the red stitching just makes it more awesome. Touch screen navigation, sport mode, automatic gear box just makes this brand one of the most reliable car brands.