Top Gear could have Chris Harris, Sabine Schmidz and David Coulthard


The program of the BBC has suffered two low lately. The executive producer, Lisa Clark, it goes with the excuse of face “new projects”. Clark was the replacement of Andy Wilman, who was to work with the three presenters earlier. They are also going Tom Ford, a screenwriter. And meanwhile, Chris Evans still has no officially companions in the show.

The Telegraph and The Sun pointed out as copresentadores a cast of luxury, well-known in the world of motorsport, though not as much of face to the general public. All three have experience in competition, although the profile of Chris Harris is more of a journalist of the engine pilot. His work in EVO, Chris Harris on Cars or Coach needs no introduction.

The show will return in may 2016

Another of those listed is Sabine Schmidz, the woman who best knows the Nürburgring Nordschleife, and that already came out in Top Gear humbling to Clarkson. The pilot showed that a Ford Transit could complete a turn in 10 minutes, faster than a Jaguar S-Type Diesel driven by the presenter.

, David Coulthard is a pilot retired from Formula 1, that when I left, I had the high score in the history of the british riders. At the media level is more well-known than Harris, and Schmidz, and is a commentator for the premier class.

The BBC does not respond to what it considers speculation journalistic. Until it is official, will not be accepted.