Top Gear returns on may 8, 2016: the acid test of the new Top Gear Chris Evans

The long-awaited return of Top Gear already has the date of the issuance, on Sunday 8 may 2016. While Jeremy Clarkson earns a paycheck (probably sueldazo) to lend their image for advertising campaigns of Amazon, and last alongside James May and Richard Hammond the recording of her new program, life continues in the BBC. Top Gear faces its big test of the fire on the 8th of may (The Guardian). It will be then when we know if the style of Chris Evans, and yours, will lure us as in his day did Clarkson, Hammond, and May.

In 2016, the new Top Gear, Chris Evans, and the program on Amazon of Clarkson, May and Hammond, they will fight to win over the viewers and occupy the space left by the old Top Gear.

Definitely we are not faced with a simple task. It is still unknown who will accompany you to Chris Evans, although over the past year, after confirming the dismissal of Clarkson, and the departure of his colleagues, there have been rumors of the well-known faces who could take the reins of the program. Evans and his men will face the inevitable comparison with his predecessors. Something that should be the equivalent of the television to your partner reminds you constantly how much he liked your ex.

The problem is even greater if we take into account that the spectator has allowed infidelity and even polygamy. throughout 2016 will be released also the new program of the meeting of Clarkson, May and Hammond, in the service of video on demand on Amazon. We don’t know what name you will receive this program, or more details about the format chosen. We only know that the trio skull will be again talking of cars, making us have a good time and, do not hesitate, to generate controversy.

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