Top Gear returns on the 8th of may 2016 without Clarkson to the head

Chris Evans Top Gear

Top Gear returns, but don’t motivate it because it will do the most radically different of its history. As you well know, the Top Gear that until now we knew it has died definitely because of the dismissal of Jeremy Clarkson. Chris Evans is the new presenter of the BBC programme, what we don’t know is who will be his team. The day 8 may 2016 we will discover.

That day stay tuned because it will be the first broadcast of the new Top Gear, a program that comes with changes beyond the radical replacement of the presenter. Chris Evans, who already has a long career in british television, will be in charge of giving shape to the program cars most-watched in television history. What can we expect from him?

Jeremy Clarkson Top Gearfirst of all is to assume that Evans is going to put all the meat on the grill so that the new program will succeed. You need to do it. Top Gear is a giant in entertainment programmes is concerned. I mean, it is not only a program car, is a way to make tv where the old presenters played a crucial role.

That will probably be the hardest job for Evans, to create an environment between the program and the viewer that hitch without the need to remember the names of Clarkson, Hammond and May. Will be radically different, but still do not know what format we are going to propose to the presenter and his production team.

still we don’t know who will accompany you in the study, maybe, two other presenters. There has been talk of some familiar faces is precisely because they went as guests by the old Top Gear. Jodie Kidd is one of the aforementioned, as well as Guy Martin, but nothing is confirmed and we will have to wait to start the new season in may to find out. Which does not seem to change its appearance it is The Stig, but we don’t worry too much, that is the same face or not.

Guy Martin, Jodie Kidd y Philip Glenister Top Gear

Guy Martin, Jodie Kidd and Philip Glenister

In terms of the program, few details have been transcended, except that it will be completely different. Evans wants to give a new air to a program that for many was already stalled. Therefore we do not know if they will keep a similar study, even if the runway in the airfield of Dunsfold will continue to be one of its main attractions. Top Gear has been in the latest seasons of a comedy show with cars in the background, something that we don’t know if Evans will remain or return to the old format, focusing on the testing of cars.

Of time the BBC are betting on their new program and confident in the new direction it has taken. Let’s not forget that this is a program seen by more than 350 million users, with several franchises around the globe. Do not dismiss new millions to record the chapters that will shape large videos with spectacular shots. Probably one of the biggest attractions of the previous Top Gear.

Top Gearin the meantime, the team that has abandoned the boat, Richard Hammond and James May, has been coupled to the new project of Amazon that has Jeremy Clarkson as the new protagonist. Of this program have not transcended details beyond that we will see the famous trio in active once more.

online channel Amazon will be the rebroadcast of the new adventure under a new name that is unknown to us. Forget about Top Gear because that is a mark inherent in the BBC. The interest for Amazon, and this format seems to be as intense as that in addition to the three main players has also been brought to Andy Wilman, a former producer of Top Gear from the BBC.

at the moment, is taking shape and soon it will start to record the first few chapters. We should know it as soon as the three protagonists begin to advance its new programme on social networks. Will be in 2016, although still without the fixed date, when it debuts the new format of the presenters british.

Amazon Top Gearagain, we know very little about what we will see. Obviously, we have to let go of a copy or continuation of the Top Gear of the BBC. Need to know if there will be a sort of Stig in the new program, or if you will continue to make special and travel the length and breadth of the globe, in inhospitable places and cars ridiculous. What no one expects is that the humor is missing in this new stage of the life of the trio ex-Top Gear.

By the time Amazon is exploiting the face image of Clarkson in a multitude of advertisements and new services. From one day to another Jeremy Clarkson has become the image of the e-commerce company. We can only know, for good or for evil, of Amazon, if the new presenter will be so critical publicly, or if there will be someone within the company need to tie you in their statements.