Top Secret: Elon Musk will reveal this week the new plan of Tesla to revolutionize the energy sector

If there is something that knows how to make Tesla Motors, and in particular with its visible face, Elon Musk, is to generate excitement. Hype, lot hype, is what has caused a tweet that Elon Musk acknowledged this week it could announce the new project Tesla. Meanwhile, Tesla tries to deal with the negative side of the interest generated by the brand, the concerning the media frenzy generated by the first fatal accident of Autopilot in a Tesla Model S, the loss of reservations for the Tesla Model 3, and the lack of confidence of investors. Now, what secret we will know this week about Tesla?

Elon Musk spoke in a tweet the second part of the project Tesla. Since some time ago I we set out the end goal of Tesla is not selling cars. Tesla was born under a clearly defined goal, that of transforming the energy landscape with solutions that advocate for renewable energy generation and avoid the use of fossil fuels. The reason why Tesla decided to build an electric car, it was not other that to recognize that, to change the energy landscape, the most important thing is to start by transforming the model of private transport, which in the last instance is that in a particular, or a family, can lead to higher energy consumption.

What will be the next Tesla?


In the article most famous Elon Musk, back in 2006, Tesla revealed its strategy, its roadmap, and its objective. The plan of Tesla was going to launch a sporty – that was the Tesla Roadster – and use that money to create an electric car own – that would be the Tesla Model S. The next step is to leverage that money to create a car more affordable, for all pockets, you finally know as Tesla Model 3.

In this whole process, Tesla would use to create new energy solutions designed to transform the energy model, especially between individuals. Thus was born Tesla Energy, and their batteries to the home. That has been the reason why Solar City, another project of Elon Musk, will be grouped in Tesla for the supply of solar panels.

Working on Top Secret Tesla master plan, Part 2. Hoping to publish later this week.

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) July 10, 2016

And that is the reason why we believe that the next great surprise of Tesla, and Elon Musk, has to do with the supply and storage of energy. For the moment we do not know much more. Just that they expect to announce it before the end of this week.

Source: Tesla Motors