Torino Design ATS Wild Twelve debuted at the Parco Valentino


The Centro Stile di Torino Design developed to ATS Wild Twelve . It is a sporty central motor , which hit the market in 2016 in a limited series of 30 units . I have a V12 engine combined with two electric motors and a total power of 860 hp .


E l Hall Parco Valentino which takes place this week in Italy was the setting for Torino Design to file a prototype designed by order of ATS, which they called Wild Twelve .

This is a mid-engine supercar will be produced in a limited edition of 30 copies. It is the last turn creating Piero Jacometti , who acquired the rights to the brand Automobili Turismo e Sport . The ATS Twelve Wild rides a 12-cylinder propeller , which together with two additional electric motors, is capable of producing more than 800 hp.

The Wild Twelve is also the first supercar ATS, which will be released in the course of 2016. It is developed based on the chassis and body made in carbon fiber with his turbocharged 3.8-liter V12 displacement and 810 hp, which is associated with a sequential automatic transmission 9 gears.

The latest creation is called Wild Twelve ATS and hit the market in 2016.

Both the chassis and the engine and transmission are of own development, in addition to other high-performance mechanical components.

With the mechanical assembly, the ATS Wild Twelve can accelerate from 0-100 kph in 2.6 seconds while 200 km / h of just 6.2 seconds reaches in, while achievable a top speed of 390 kilometers per hour .

The V12 drive is also associated with two electric motors, which together give a combined output that reaches 860 horsepower and 919 Nm of torque, obtained at 3,000 rpm. Electric motors work with a lithium ion battery, allowing you to a range of 30 kilometers when circulating in purely electric mode.

His body was designed by the Centro Stile di Torino Design led by Giuliano Biasio . With well short overhangs and extremely low body, the Twelve Wild delivers a fine sporty image. The sector with the greatest visual impact is undoubtedly represented by the posterior, but a priori also seems the most controversial area of ​​design.





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