Toro Fiat will ensure that the name of the midsize pickup will be done in Brazil


The unpublished p ickup median Fiat is taking shape. In Brazil they ensure that your name will be Toro and its ability to be in tune shits 1,000 kilograms. He will share engines with Jeep renegade . [1.99901 million]


Fiat Toro. Proyección de la nueva pickup mediana de Fiat. @AutosBlog M edia Brazilians say Fiat Toro is the brand name that the Italian house has chosen for unprecedented midsize pickup to be produced in Brazil. It is a product that will participate in a new segment that debuted a few days ago in Renault Motor Buenos Aires , where he introduced the Duster derivative called Oroch. [1.99901 million]

Fiat Toro would be the trademark of the unpublished midsize pickup.

This new product, like that of Renault, search fill the gap between commercial vehicles segment B derivatives as are Strada or Saveiro and the largest in the segment D as Hilux or Amarok.

Fiat Toro would be his name, at least that’s what the Brazilian site indicates AutosSegredos, based on information from sources close to the project. Besides the first spy photos were taken to a camouflage unit case within the Fiat plant in Pernambuco. [1.99901 million]

Underneath his body, much of its elements will share with Jeep Renegade and among them are its platform and mechanical components. Under the hood will be located both E.torQ block EVO with 1.8 liters and 132 hp like al Multijet turbodiesel, 2.0-liter, 170 horsepower , which may be associated with both front wheel drive system as integral.

With regard to transmissions, there will be a six-speed automatic and possibly a ZF automatic nine many equipped in more expensive versions. Ensure that its length will be around 5 meters and carrying capacity could reach thousand kilograms , well above 650 kg reported by Renault for Oroch. [1.99901 million]




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