Toro Rosso can be mounted Ferrari engine in 2016

Carlos Sainz bajo la lluvia de JapónFIA gives again steps back and allows the use of engines of the past seasons teams. Therefore, Toro Rosso could use the Ferrari engine, 2015. So the Maranello would retain their specification of 2016 for them and could fill the rest of the teams with an older version of the engine, although probably Sauber is not a threat and use it as a test computer to your current drive.

Toro Rosso used engines Ferrari in the past, until that changed after 2013 for the Renault, well, now, the Faenza will be able to “be more Italian” as I was saying Carlos Sainz Jr. and re-mount the motors to Ferrari for next season. Despite being a version of 2015, it would certainly be a step forward compared to the Renault engines that so many problems of reliability and power they have been given this year.

Carlos Sainz y Verstappen en Toro RossoWho knows if it will be even better than its big brother Red Bull, finally, if these mounted Renault engine. Already this year they have been very competitive and even on top of Red Bull at some races of the season, so that would not be a far-fetched idea. In fact, Horner has insured that the next season will be just a transition for them, since change is in the wind as the engine that will be used for 2017.

The FIA has been assured now that the engine vendors may approve in the same season power units of previous seasons, in addition to keep 32 tokens pair 2016 and 25 to 2017, reducing the number to 20 by 2018, and 15 for 2019. Since then the FIA did not clarify, we have already seen how it has been rectified several times in these past few weeks on the specification of engines now, before on the independent motors…