Toro Rosso could be left without spare parts for the last GP in Abu Dhabi


things at Toro Rosso have been complicated greatly since the Grand Prix of Mexico, in which both Pierre Gasly, as Brendon Hartley suffered multiple breakages of engine that prevented them from disputing the points. But in Brazil things have started in the same way, suffering two breaks in the MGU-H, the component that is failing.

The situation is worrying because on the one hand Toro Rosso unable to defend his sixth position in the constructors ‘ championship as they take over its two pilots sanctions by changes of engine elements. But, in addition, the problem could reach even to have to deal with the Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi without spare parts sufficient.

Cyril Abiteboul, maximum responsible of Renault, recognizes that the unexpected breakage has caused a problem at the time of supply to Toro Rosso. “we’re Not happy with the situation and we take it very seriously. Toro Rosso has suffered many more problems in the last few races and, due to the regulation, to the availability of parts and the time of production, is causing us problems”, said in remarks to Autosport.


Toro Rosso was intended to evaluate Pierre Gasly and Brendon Hartley in the last few races, but are not being able to compete properly.

the leader of The French believed that the cause can come caused by the use of the Italian team at the engine, since neither Red Bull nor Renault, have suffered so many breakdowns. “we’re a little concerned with the way that our engine operates in the Toro Rosso, something that can explain that we have had so many problems, coming in particular from this team, there are No coincidences in this sport”.

Franz Tost, in contrast, asserts that things have not changed in the last few races and that the MGU-H is not in contact with any other piece of the chassis that may cause breakage. “it Is worrying, the installation is the same, nothing has changed since the beginning of the year. From the point of view of Toro Rosso, in regards to the car, there is no connection of the chassis with the MGU-H which has caused nothing. There is nothing we can do”.

however, Jonathan Eddolls, Chief Engineer of race, admitted in Mexico that the altitude was causing cooling problems and that could be the cause of the breaks in the STR12: a system of cooling or aerodynamics internal that compromise the reliability of the MGU-H.