Toro Rosso intensifies the work at the factory to arrive on time for the first GP


The winter break is anything but quiet for the teams of Formula 1, must finalize the details of a car that carries brewing for several months. For a few years it is usual to overlap the current projects with those of the following year and, in a season as important as 2017, this process is intensified even more when it.

Franz Tost in statements to Autosport, recognizes that the equipment modest as Toro Rosso should set a deadline and stop the development of the first version of the race car on course to be able to get to the first race. “That’s the difference with a big team, once we have the time we have to say ‘stop now’, because otherwise we can not drive the car. We need to know the decision of the release of the sketch on a specific date and know that it will not be delayed, because we are in the time limit”, said the Head of the Italian team.

Toro Rosso, however, will attempt to speed up the time as much as possible and, to this end, we will implement three shifts in the factory, with no rest days. “In terms of production, we’re going to have to work 24/7 for a while. Since mid February we have three shifts a day, is a very short period because it is quite costly to have everything running in 24 hours”. The cause is that, the more time is given to the designers, the faster the car because more hours can be used in the wind tunnel. “While you’re in the wind tunnel and researching, there are options to get more performance. It becomes complicated when the department streamlined not released yet the designs and asks for one more day, everything is tightened, but that involves winning performance. Every year is the same, never changes”.

Toro Rosso aims to achieve, with the aid of the new Renault engine, a position among the five best teams at the end of the season.