Toro Rosso is not giving up and will continue to evolve the car


The last races are being complicated for Toro Rosso, who begins to see as even McLaren with an engine similar to yours in terms of performance. The Ferrari engine of 2015 is being an ordeal for the computer you do not have any evolution, so that the rapid development of Renault and, to a lesser extent, Honda, begins to place them in a difficult position.

At Hockenheim, the situation is complicated due to the characteristics of the circuit and none of the pilots was able to access the points, seeing as McLaren were treads on the heels in the constructors’. “we Knew that in Hockenheim we were not going to adapt as well
as the rest of the teams, mainly the long challenge, very
dependent of the power. The teams with engines
specification 2016 have raised the level in the last few races,
something that is seen very clearly in tracks like this (Hockenheim)”
, supports James Key, Technical Director, in statements collected by GPUpdate.

James Key and his team introduced it in the German event of a thorough review of aerodynamics of the car, but the high power demand of the circuit was too much and the changes have not provided a performance that would allow them to compensate for this deficit. “we Use a new evolution of aerodynamics in this race,
that seems to have worked well. We hope to draw more of her
the next few races, during the weekend we learned a lot
on it and the main elements seemed to do what
should be”
, says Key, with the data collected, you will work on optimizing what’s new in the upcoming races.

The summer break, with two weeks of forced break, by regulation, is about to arrive, but before that there will be important meetings in Faenza to develop a plan that addresses the second half of the season. “Now we will sit before the stop and, carefully,
draw a plan on how we will address the last part of
the season. We still have some developments on the way. We have to
to make sure that we detect some of the problems that we had in
Hockenheim and also that we do a better job of compensating
some of the deficiencies of our car”
, finalizá James Key in a clear allusion to the low power of the propeller.