Toro Rosso satisfied with the evolution of the Renault engine


The sensations at Toro Rosso after two days loaded
technical problems
could be negative, in large part because the fourth day of
test at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya has been evaporated by a change of
engine that has only allowed Daniil Kvyat to make his return from the installation.
However, the sentiment in the formation of Faenza is very different, because
Toro Rosso is pleasantly surprised by the power of the new engine
, much higher than offered by the Ferrari engine specification 2015
that was used by the team during the last season.

Carlos Sainz already revealed at the end of the third day of
test the technical problems that had led to stop the STR12 in the
way of the curve 4 could be forgive for the services provided by the
new Renault engine, words that somehow has endorsed
James Key: “From the side of the performance since working with Renault
for the last time, they have definitely taken a big step forward. Our
impressions are positive
. It is difficult to say where they are located with respect to the
rest of engines, but there are a remarkable improvement compared to what we saw in the
and during the last season”.

In fact, Toro Rosso are not only satisfied with the
performance of the Renault engine, but by the assistance they are receiving from
the own brand French
, as has been recognized by James Key: “in The end is not
only this value. Yes it is true that from the point of view of performance
we are happy with what we have seen up to now. But there are also some
other big changes. The communication between Renault and the team, the way
the that the operations are being performed on the track or the speed with which
react to any problem
are very positive things to nosotros”.


In this aspect, James Key has made a positive balance of
the first week of test, despite the problems in the last two days:
“unfortunately, Daniil Kvyat has only been able to make a turn this morning,
since he suffered a related problem with the engine that has been extended by the
rest of the day. All in all, the week has been encouraging, if somewhat frustrating at
the time we have lost
. The work during the next week will be
based, we hope to regain lost ground”.

For his part, Franz Tost stated: “We
Barcelona with a new and wonderful livery and with the excitement of starting the
new season. Hoped to have completed more laps, but we were not able to
to complete our program due to some problem of reliability. We are missing
some data on the tyres softer. All in all, the car offers a very
promising feedback, so that we have to continue working. Both
Carlos Sainz as Daniil Kvyat have quickly adapted to STR12
. It has been a
start a little bumpy, but we’re sure that next week will be
everything under control”.