Toro Rosso STR12: simplicity style Mercedes

Toro Rosso STR12

Carlos Sainz Jr. you already have new car, Toro Rosso has shown the design of your STR12, the car returns to include Renault engine and that will now feature updates from the power unit by the supplier gaul. Therefore are equipped with the same gun that his older brother, Red Bull. Last year went pretty badly, and after the crisis of the engines that suffered the signature, they finally got that Ferrari given the engine of 2015 for Toro Rosso and go back to make peace with Renault, after the divorce, for them to supply engines to Red Bull, a Red Bull which came to have mounted up to the Honda engine in your back as well said Horner. This crisis took a toll on Toro Rosso, as they had a unit out-of-date and without receiving even the slightest improvement…

the decoration of The car has also changed a lot, now is much more beautiful with the introduction of a few colors with an electric blue and metallic, reminiscent of a lot of the soda cans of the brand that owns the team. In addition, the car has shown some of the important changes that we will now go detailing during the analysis, the worse the look is very reminiscent of the Mercedes and that has already raised some rumors about the similarities between the two cars and that Carlos could have a car that is positioned well above. I don’t want to be a party pooper, but you have to be cautious and I doubt that they are fighting for the top positions. I have No doubt that Renault has improved quite a bit, there is talk of a few 30CV according to rumors, but that would not be enough to catch Mercedes, in addition to the chassis (despite the good works they have done in the past) is not at the height of other cars that have risked more at the technical level.

Frontal del Toro Rosso STR12

Started by morro, is fine and narrow, in the style of Mercedes. It also has a double chin for aerodynamic, as has been seen in many other designs for the lower area. Appears a groove in the upper area of the nose, which as you know is corresponds to the S-Duct, that seems to be omnipresent in almost all the cars this season. As to the brake ducts, they are quite small and flat, different from those that have used the majority of equipment for the start of this season. Also included are a few canards on each side of the snout, which also reminds the snout of a Mercedes and Ferrari. In terms of the front wing, is similar to that which ended in the last season, only with the dimensions stipulated by the FIA for 2017, and with the shape of a delta. Also highlights the supports that are subject to the morro, super small and with the plane’s main wing, extremely attached to the tip of the snout, as in W08.

The airbox of the Toro Rosso is rounded, not too small and with a duct triangular jan l center for the intake of the engine and two side duct for the cooling of the intercooler and the oil of the gearbox as usual. The size of this entry has grown with respect to the last season, also with similarities to the Mercedes, although not as excessively large as with the we were surprised at the W07 and with which they have followed for W08. The bargeboards do not seem to be very worked, are large and elongate, without too many details to highlight, something that differs with the enormous complexity of Mercedes and other teams that have been put in this middle area of the vehicle. Neither the mirrors of the car are too complex, as we have seen in other cars, used the brackets of the same to create airfoils something more worked.

Lateral del STR12

By the way, under the nose you can see the turning vanes have been implemented in the new design, and you can say that they are not the most complex but also the most simple such as those seen in Haas and other cars in the rear area of the grill. In the middle area of the car we are a few pontoons quite different and worked. The shape of these is elevated by the front, with a pronounced drop with form we are going backwards and scrunching the cover motor to the engine to make more free space in the rear area. The air intakes feature a triangular-shaped radical, with a width much larger in the upper area, leaving a depression in the area of the bottom to dislodge any air that slips by the side of these area to the rear.

The fairing of the engine in the rear area is also striking, and reminiscent of other designs seen this year, with a few bumps where it leads the hot air that is pushed away by the back after you have cooled the radiators. In the case of Toro Rosso, has elevated this area of bulging, leaving a channel underneath it to redirect all of the air that travels from the anterior to the posterior to make it more effective extraction of air by the diffuser. Likewise, the arms of the suspensions have been attached to areas of highly developed parts of the chassis, as you can see in the image. In the background, presents curves and slots, as well as profiles protruding right behind the rear wheel to redirect the air toward the area of the high-profile of the diffuser. Even we can appreciate an eye-catching monkey seat under the rear wing and which is powered in the low area of your plane in the air by high-energy leaves through the exhaust.

Detalle trasero STR12

The rear wing has been adapted, of course, to the new dimensions, with the endplates curved and with some slots in it. The STR12 joins the “fashion” of the shark fin, with a profile quite large with curved shape on the rear area and a small court at the end of it in the area you should join to the carbon fiber that covers the motor. By the way, in the photo above, also see the air conditioner of the sidepods, or better said, the conditioners. It appears a vertical profile in the upper area of the pontoon, and coupled to this other profile, something more wide and curved in an area somewhat further forward, helping to redirect the air by the contour of the pontoons toward the back. And as small detail, there is another conditioner with more in the upper area of the pontoon and T-shaped, for the air that travels over these back.

And since I have introduced some suspensions above, to say that it seems that Toro Rosso has worked pretty much in the rear as in the front. Although not able to appreciate on a visual level all the work you’ve done on them, we can see some changes in the geometry of these. In addition, they have made something that mercedes already has done for some years, playing with the arms of the front suspension as airfoils to make these wider than normal and with wing-shaped. Remember that the suspension will bring tail this season, there were already rumors and protests in the past year, and this winter we started with the formal protests of Ferrari to the designs of Red Bull and Mercedes are using a suspicious suspension that improves the aerodynamic efficiency of the car keeping it more stable. It seems that Ferrari has not been able to make an efficient design of this solution and why is complaint, so for sure there will be news with regard to the system when we start and you will be able to check the work that he has done every team in this sense.

Conclusion, despite what you may read in many other journals written and online, the simile of the hill with the Mercedes is there, but I don’t think there are that give it greater importance. This is not a copy of the Mercedes without more, and much less can it be ensured that the STR12 you can work just as well as the W07 or W08 Mercedes, even if you were equipped with the same engine… I Think that they will fight near the Q3, maybe in any race can enter. But I believe that the real fight will be with Force India, Renault and maybe Williams. With security be able to stay ahead of Haas and Sauber, but I would not want to foreknow events to not be sure of where everyone is. And even if they start very well the season, as in other years, usually have a tendency to freeze and stagnate as the year progresses, so that the actions may have at the start, I don’t think that will reflect on the points of the end of the season. I hope I’m wrong and Carlos have a good toy to aspire to something more!