Toro Rosso wants to help Sainz show your potential


Photo: Toro Rosso.

Carlos Sainz is about to begin his second season in Formula 1. In his first year in the highest category shared computer with another young rookie, Max Verstappen, who took all the spotlight and the accolades for her brilliant performance. However, the Spanish, who had a good performance, has always been quiet, ensuring that your team know their capacity. And this has been confirmed by the director of Toro Rosso, Franz Tost. In the words of the French portal, the austrian recognizes the fault of the team in many of the negative outcomes of Sainz in 2015, and hopes that everything will go better this course.

The madrid native managed less than half the points than Verstappen, but he suffered two dropouts more, a total of seven in 19 races (four consecutive). Tost assumes the part of responsibility of Toro Rosso: “most of The times, which suffered reliability problems was the fault of the team, not yours”, he said, after praising the debut of Sainz: “he Had a very good season last year, showing a great performance, even if you see difference if you look at just the table of pilots”. From the subsidiary of Red Bull claim that they will put all of your part for Sainz to show all of its talent: “I Hope for him that has a good 2016, and I only wish that we can give him a car reliable, that allows you to display your potential. The team has to improve his performance and obtain better results in the races than in the previous year, we have to take a step forward”.

Help, a priori, the change the engine, as Toro Rosso will mount the lead Ferrari in 2015: “Our main problems in the past championship was the reliability, and we have to work at it this year, no excuses”, explained Tost, before you refer to the power unit Italian: “We go back to the association with our friends at Maranello and I am more than happy and convinced that we are going to offer you a better package. For the pilots it will be something new, but will not have to learn a lot. Last year they adapted very soon, are you guys smart and ready to learn quickly”, sentenced.