Tost does not throw in the towel and aspires to fifth place from Force India


The pessimism
seems to have been put in place in the breast of Toro Rosso as a result
the poor performance of the propellant to Ferrari from 2015, but Franz Tost
has broken that trend with their statements.

the head of The
team, far from considering the possibility of being overtaken by McLaren,
it is fixed in the fifth place from Force India as a realistic goal for
the second half of the season. Tost is aware that the two
following circuits will be bad for the team, but says that,
later, others will come who will benefit. “The second
half of the season will not be easy for us, especially in
Monza and Spa because of the thruster unit. However, circuits
like Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, the united States, or Abu Dhabi we have
that give very good result. Sao Paulo is located in the middle and
it also depends on the weather that you have there, though
you need a large amount of power at Interlagos”

Force India, in the spotlight

Carlos Sainz and
James Key, among others, have shown their concern for the poor
the power of the Ferrari engine of 2015 provide them, since not
account with evolution and direct rivals such as Renault and Honda
have improved considerably. Despite this, Tost is fixed in
Force India, who in recent races has been approached
dangerously close to Williams, fourth overall at this time. “I’m
optimistic that we can get the fifth place in the
championship. I Know that now Force India is ahead of us,
but the potential of our car is at a very high level, the
riders are doing a great job and I hope that the team can make
also a good job
. We only need one or two results very
good to finish among the top five. And we are close to
so, the possibility is there”
, says Franz Tost in a statement
collected by Motorsport.

“We will continue to develop the car, the championship is open”

Toro Rosso
introduced a deep upgrade of the aerodynamic package in
Hockenheim and, in the next few races, the engineers will try
optimize it to give the car more downforce
without shedding even more the already low top speed. “The
pressure on the team is always special in Formula 1. In the
second part of the season I hope that we lose a little bit of
performance, because our competitors will get some
improvements in the engine, but there to see how it improves each engine with
these evolutions. In addition we will continue to develop the
, is an open question”