Tost, impressed with Sainz for his driving, attitude, learning, and technical contribution


Franz Tost is known for supporting its riders in all the circumstances, but not for free. Daniil Kvyat is in the head of Toro Rosso to one of its main backers and Carlos Sainz to a fan fierce.

Tost believes that, although Sainz has had opportunities to change team, should assess the benefits of staying one more year at Toro Rosso to face a season decisive in his career, because if it does, well, in 2018 will be able to make the jump to a big team. “is Still very young and I think they know that, especially for the next year, Toro Rosso is the best team to be. I want to see the next season. Only 22 years old, before the pilots they weren’t in F1 at this point. The young pilots believe that the time escapes them, but that is not true. They are very young, there are still many possibilities. Let’s see with the new rules in what position, we just”, said Tost in a statement to Autosport.

Franz Tost has worked with a multitude of riders throughout his career in Formula 1, including Ralf Schumacher, Juan Pablo Montoya or Sebastian Vettel. And in Carlos Sainz go to a pilot full of qualities remarkable. “I’m very impressed with his riding, but I’m even more with your learning curve because this is critical. You can see that improvement more and more, but that is also committed to having a positive attitude and we had a good time working together. Has a technical understanding very good and actually provides valuable feedback to the engineers. It also has very good feeling in the wet, as we saw at Interlagos, and all these factors make him a very good pilot”.

Toro Rosso will be taking the season 2017 with the new Renault engine and the hope of achieving the top 5 at the end of the season.