Tost: “James Key is a gentleman, I hope that respect his contract”


James Key is, possibly, one of the engineers quoted today in the post, which is more important is taking in the Formula 1 of today: the Technical Director.

The british engineer is doing a great job at Toro Rosso and several teams are following closely in the face of a possible incorporation in the future. One of the teams that more names in this regard is Ferrari, who recently lost James Allison and replaced him by a man of the house: Mattia Binotto.

Franz Tost acknowledges in a statement to Motorsport that is aware of the situation and that he has discussed this with James Key, but expected to stay in the computer for a while. “of course, we’ve discussed it, but James has a contract with
Toro Rosso. James is an honest person and a gentleman, I hope that
respect their contract. In addition, it has good working conditions and
a good team around her. I hope that you stay with us”

Franz Tost, Boss of Toro Rosso, is confident that Toro Rosso is not attractive enough for James Key as you decide to stay. “Depends on your environment, personally I think that the environment of
Toro Rosso on the technical side is positive. The conditions of
work are good. We’ll see what happens next year with the
chassis and the thruster unit of Renault”
. James Key has also been placed as the successor of Adrian Newey in the Red Bull when it decides to move away from the Formula 1.