Tost: “Kvyat should see the positive of all of this”


The season Daniil Kvyat is being an ordeal and it seems that you still can get worse. The start of the season was bad, and soon the Russian pilot declared feel very frustrated with how things were going. Soon after, he was replaced by Max Verstappen in Red Bull, inheriting the place of the dutchman next to Carlos Sainz in the team, a subsidiary of the austrian brand.

After being eliminated in the Q1 of Hockenheim, Kvyat again lost the calm and acknowledged feeling very unhappy and, what is worse, unable to find a solution to its low performance. But his boss, Franz Tost, doesn’t see it the same way. “I must say that did a very good race in Germany. In classification had some bad luck in the first turn, risked too much, locked the brakes and lost three tenths. It was so that there came to the Q2. But their time in sectors 2 and 3 were very competitive,”, says Tost on statements gathered by Autosport.

Tost knows very well Kvyat because of, not in vain, he has continued his sports career in the formulas of promotion and he had his hand on the debut of the Russian in Formula 1. Kvyat won the promotion to Red Bull after a first fantastic year with Toro Rosso, but now this all seems to have disappeared. “Personally, I hope that I can race with us because
I am convinced that sooner or later will show its performance
real and your speed will return
. I can understand it because it was a great
change to come back to Toro Rosso from Red Bull. But, on the other
side Red Bull -which is the only company in the world that has two
teams of Formula 1 – land gave the opportunity of being in the Formula
1 and continue to compete, and he should see the positive part of


The lack of trust seems to be the main problem of a Kvyat not desentonó respect to Daniel Ricciardo in their first year together, but this year started well below the australian and now, with his good friend Carlos Sainz, is being widely surpassed by the Spanish. Need a good result to regain the trust. Only
I hope that in the next few races can aunarlo everything and we can
provide them with a fast car, competitive.
once you have a
good result, again.
we All know that Daniil can make a very
good job, won the GP3, he won many races and was in the
podium in China. You may not have lost their skills in some
ensures Franz Tost, which, again, shows his total confidence in the public towards his young ward.