Tost says Kvyat “should be more disciplined and control their emotions”


The Russian pilot of Toro Rosso, who came to form part of the official line in the team stem from the structure of the energy drink for 2015, was relegated to back with the Faenza on behalf of the star Dutch team, after a few performances too risky that filled the glass in front of his fans at the Grand Prix of Russia.

Daniil Kvyat was ahead of Sebastian Vettel in Sochi last year, and for the GP of Spain became the companion of Carlos Sainz in Formula 1, with whom he had shared several races in the categories prior to the great circus. Their relationship began to tighten up the incidents that have occurred between them, the most recent of which took place at Silverstone, where the #26 was one of optimistic with the attack on a piano, and this he spat on the madrid, putting an end to the career of carlos Sainz.

“Daniil is doing a good job, leaving aside that, sometimes, the output is too impatient, risking disproportionately”, commented Franz Tost, head of Toro Rosso.“If you look at his speed during the race, if you are rolling solo, his lap times are very, very competitive and very good”. The snatch of Austria left him in evidence, after hitting an early lead with Fernando Alonso and Max Verstappen, which meant the end point of the Grand Prize for the two.

sometimes the output is too impatient

The leader of the team that created the STR12 for this season points out that Kvyat “you want to do it well, fast forward where there is no possibility of doing so, so you must become more disciplined”. 23-year-old may be playing a shovel pass, as it has been shown that you can display an acceptable level when you have not had company on the track. “Whether out of frustration or for any other reason, to be in the car, in special in the output, you have to keep your emotions under control, because if you’re too sensitive, you make mistakes and you end up having an accident”.


Kvyat adds 4 points in the championship, by the 35 of Sainz.

“otherwise he is doing well: it provides good observations techniques and demonstrates that it has the speed”. Tost makes clear that since the team have held lengthy discussions with him to try to put a solution to these problems, while the respect between them endures, despite the fact that, for the austrian, the two are part of the blame after what happened at the Grand Prix of Great Britain.

finally, Tost stresses that, hit again among them, “we would sit with them, and Red Bull sooner or later would take action with economic sanctions or something similar”. Kvyat accumulates ten points in the driver, and it is just two of staying a race in the dry dock for their behavior on the asphalt. “Fortunately, to date, we have never reached that point; it is more, I do not want to discuss more about the topic because I hope this does not happen”.