Totally official: the C-SUV of Skoda is called Skoda Karoq

Teaser Skoda Karoq

One of the few brands that came too afternoon the market of the SUV and crossover as we know it is Skoda. Was ahead of Seat, but it is coming soon. The case is that the Czech brand is already sold, the Skoda Yeti, which very well worked in some markets. Seeing that the SUV’s most common give good performance figures, Skoda loads of a stroke the Yeti and launches a product that is more aesthetic.

The replacement of this Skoda Yeti, as a confirmation a few minutes ago from the signing, you will receive the name of Skoda Karoq. We account Skoda, which, like the Kodiaq was inspired by the inhabitants of the island of Kodiak, its inhabitants have served as the inspiration for the name of Karoq. “Karoq” comes from the mixture of “Kaa’raq”, which means car, and the word “Ruq”, that comes out to be arrow. By combining the two words has come out “Karoq”, the Skoda Karoq.

it is important For us to give the new SUV a name powerful. It is part of our focus at the time of naming our models SUV,“ said Werner Eichhorn, head of Sales and Marketing; adding also that “at The same time, we are creating a brand image valuable to our customers”.

, Leaving the curiosities of the name aside, the Skoda Karoq will be presented to the public for the first time and as an official in Stockholm 18th may; although its arrival to the market will be no earlier than this summer. As we said at the beginning of the article, this Skoda Karoq comes to replace the Yeti. The design is entirely new, and, probably, will call far more attention of potential buyers.

This Skoda Karoq will be positioned as a model (C-SUV, so that it will fight for their share of the segment with cars like the Seat Ateca, the Nissan Qashqai, Peugeot 3008 or the Hyundai Tucson, to name just a few. It is expected that share powertrains with the above-mentioned Ateca.

Skoda Yeti
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