Toto Wolff concerned by the reliability of the Mercedes


After breakage of the engine of Lewis Hamilton in Sepang, Mercedes decided to change the face of the GP of Japan, some of the parameters of their power units, to couple that delay the delivery of the new specification of engine to client computers. Although in Suzuka, the brand did not have to regret any kind of mechanical failure, Toto Wolff is still concerned about the reliability of the Mercedes engine. With a shorter period to a week between the Big Prizes, the technicians of the brand of Stuttgart still have not had time to define the causes of the problem, which affected the bearing of the connecting rod.

the situation is Not an easy. In a week there is no time to identify the engine problem in its entirety” has explained Toto Wolff. Although the rumors suggest that one of these changes in the parameters of the power units was the deactivation of the ‘sorting mode’, the head of Mercedes has not given any clue about it and has returned to show his uneasiness with the power unit in terms of reliability: we’re trying to contain your performance in many aspects, but that is not a guarantee to compete in the race”.

In addition to this fact, Toto Wolff wanted to divert the
attention on the bad outputs that have had Hamilton
in Suzuka or Monza. In
this aspect, the pattern has been pointed out the clutch and the point of bite of the same
as possible responsible of the problems we have had their riders in the
outputs: Our clutch, obviously, is not perfect. It is a little difficult
handle. We have tried to optimize the release system of the clutch, but
it did not work well in the race. It is difficult to handle in the correct way and even though
both riders are working on it, let it go and find the revolutions
perfect is very complicado