Toto Wolff: “Ferrari does not need mercenaries”


After one of the seasons more complex than can pass through a team manager or sporting director, with some incidents of internal and on the track, and conflict that were close to bursting at the public level, Toto Wolff has made a brief review of the current situation of Mercedes at this point in the year, with a concentrated effort now in season 2017, in an interview with the Italian newspaper Gazzetta dello Sport.

the head of The team of austria is one of the key figures that will influence the decision on who will occupy the second car of Mercedes, vacant after the unexpected withdrawal of Nico Rosberg. Even if the computer neither confirms nor denies, the movements of the other computers point to that finn Valtteri Bottas, who Wolff is a manager, would have been the chosen one to accompany Lewis Hamilton this coming season.

despite reports that they say that Bottas would have already visited the factory of the team for a first contact, Wolff has been limited to say that they are still evaluating who to put in the second car by the implications of others, and labeled as “illiterate” of the sport, to those who believe that the arrival of Finnish could pose a conflict of interest:

“it Is too early to say. We have not yet made the decision, because involves more of a pilot and more of a team, and we must have respect towards other teams. Valtteri is a possibility, but we also know how important it is for Williams. It is a delicate situation that requires you to be careful, so we decided to take a little time. (…) I am not an idiot. When I walked into Daimler four years ago, I signed an agreement that could not lead to a Mercedes driver or have business interests in it. There is no problem, those who speak of conflict of interest are illiterate of the Formula 1“.

On the withdrawal of its champion, Wolff says “respect” the decision of Rosberg, and says that their personal relationship “continues to be excellent”, at the same time pointing to his role in the Mercedes of 2017 will be “testimonial”. Wolff also spoke of the well-known arguments with Hamilton as a result of the internal decisions taken in the wake of what happened in the Great Prize of Spain and Austria, where their two cars collided

“The problem is that, during the World cup, the whole world is going their way Sunday afternoon. There is No time to digest what has happened at the end of each Grand Prix. It was important to finish the season, with the emotions and the adrenaline low, find the time to sit at a table and study where you can improve for next year. (…) This is an old story: he (Hamilton) knew why we went in that direction, and I understood that, from a psychological point of view, such a step she felt bad“.

of course, Ferrari is the first, second and fifteenth concern of the fan Italian Formula 1. Gazzetta don’t miss the opportunity to see Wolff what possibilities gave the Scuderia, and if he believed that the regulatory change in 2017 could jeopardise the Italian team to enhance his ‘Achilles heel’, the aerodynamics: “No. In 2012 and 2013 we were not among the favorites, but with the change of regulation, we start to have success. It can happen to Ferrari, have the potential and the resources to be competitive again”. In addition, the policy of recruitment of Ferrari and confidence in Mattia Binotto, stated that “for me, an Italian team is an added value, not a brake. Ferrari does not need mercenaries. I am convinced that the decisions of Marchionne and Arrivabene are fair decisions”.

After testing the three-time MotoGP Jorge Lorenzo at the wheel of one of their cars at Silverstone, there was the interest to do the same with his arch rival Yamaha, the heptacampe√≥n of the maximum displacement Valentino Rossi. Wolff explains that “the Formula 1 is also a show”, and also included in the shortlist to the four-time champion of the World Rally championship S√©bastien Ogier, pilot Red Bull this year that will compete in M-Sport (Ford), saying that you would love “to check the ability of Rossi and Ogier behind the wheel of our cars. Our idea is to organise a day of testing with them“.

in Addition, was also asked by Mick Schumacher, of whom it was said that he could be close to entering the junior program of Mercedes after being runner-up in his second season in the Formula 4 German, and ahead of his debut in the Formula 3 european. Wolff speaks of the young Schumacher as “a great guy and a superb pilot. Here, your family is in our hearts, but it is fair to focus on Formula 3. If you do it right, many teams will put their eyes on him, among them the Mercedes”.