Toto Wolff: “Susie had sufficient quality for a team environment”


Photo: Williams

In 2012, Williams signed Susie Wolff as a development pilot. The task of the scottish would be to perform aerodynamic testing in the simulator and do some session of test. On the horizon was the desire to be able to play a race, but were passing the seasons and the opportunity never arrived. Even when Bottas injured his back and had to miss the first grand prix championship 2015. Your team signed up, if the finn could not participate in the second test, Adrian Sutil, and there died any hope of Susie. Time after recognizing you have lost the faith and the patience, and months later announced its withdrawal from motorsport.

could Not do that we should see, after many years, to a woman climb into a Formula 1 in the day of Sunday, something that regrets her husband, Toto Wolff: “I Feel that I never had the opportunity to compete in a race, because I am convinced that it is good enough to compete in a team of a half grill”, told the daily austrian Tiroler Tageszeitung, as is stipulated in Motorsport. However, the experience of Susie in the highest category is summarized in test and four free practice sessions, two in 2014 and two in 2015 (in Great Britain, Spain and Germany).

The director of Mercedes, Toto Wolff, believes that the Formula 1 lost the opportunity of attracting foci giving an option to a woman: “it Would have been good for the sport to have a female rider in the race, because the media typically ignore motor sports would have been interested. It is a missed opportunity”. However, Lella Lombardi remains the last woman to start a grand prix, in 1975. Finally, Toto spoke of the difference in treatment since his wife is retired: “As a family, I don’t notice a difference now that you took that decision. She is at peace with itself”. Since his retirement, Susie is developing a programme to promote young talents, female world of motor.