Toto Wolff: “the philosophy of The team is more than a season or a pilot”


The year 2016 is over, and with it, one of the seasons most dominant by a part of a team that is remembered in Formula 1. Although the differences with competitors is reduced, Mercedes exercised his yoke, and prevailed in 19 of the 21 races this season: 10 to Lewis Hamilton and 9 Nico Rosberg. The German completed a win in a battle fratricidal that it reached points of high tension during the season, and that ended up leading to the withdrawal of the champion.

Of face-to-2017, and although all the rumors point to Valtteri Bottas, Mercedes has not yet formally communicated to who will be the pilot with Hamilton, but its objectives and broad lines remain clear: to extend the domain exercised since the beginning of the era turbo, despite the change in regulation, and get a fourth consecutive title of pilots and builders.

once undone the couple’s Hamilton-Rosberg, it is expected a reduction of the internal stresses in the bosom of Mercedes, but just in case, Toto Wolff has wanted to leave things clear. In a speech prior to the Christmas holidays to their workers in the factory in Brackley, Wolff has maintained that the team will continue with the same work philosophy employed in recent years, above any personal interest which they may have Hamilton or the second pilot:

“As we move forward, we will continue guided by the interests of our team, above all. The philosophy is more that a season or a person. Has forged a group that is humble in victory and gracious in defeat, hungry for challenges and resilient under pressure; dissatisfied with the status quo and always looking to improve. Our values have been the foundation stone of three World Championships, and there will be no commitment when we begin our search for a fourth in 2017″.

Wolff made reference to the season and the tough battle between Hamilton and Rosberg, praising the team’s ability to perform at such a high level: “Our team has broken records in the history books. We have pursued our goals with passion and determination, and have put us to the test at every turn with unexpected challenges. Nico was proclaimed champion, and then departed. Lewis needed the strength of character to take the defeat with calm and dignity. We have celebrated our successes and learned from our mistakes. During all these times, we have emerged stronger and more able to face together the way”.

Finally, Wolff also recalled that his position in the spotlight puts every decision and every word is under intense scrutiny, and that these words “are debated passionately among our fans, and the media interpret them, but there has already been too much talk. This is the time for calm and reflection considered, to savor our successes and prepare for the next campaign”.